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The Court of Public Opinion
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9am-Midday (ACST)
Every Friday

Andrew Killey at the dining room table

KWP! Advertising agency founder Andrew Killey

Join us for an engaging and insightful episode of “The Court of Public Opinion” as we welcome a true advertising legend to the conversation.

Jeremy Cordeaux hosts the brilliant Andrew Killey, founder of KWP! Advertising agency, in a live-streamed discussion that delves deep into the world of advertising, creativity, and the changing landscape of the industry.


00:00: Introduction and warm welcome to Andrew Killey

00:48: Reflecting on the early days of Adelaide advertising

01:36: The rise and influence of radio advertising, featuring ST Grimley

02:13: Challenges that led to the decline of Adelaide’s advertising prominence

03:03: Founding KWP! Advertising during a recession and adapting to the times

04:24: Turning challenges into opportunities and creative inspiration

05:07: The importance of visiting factories and understanding clients’ businesses

This live-streamed discussion offers a unique glimpse into the world of advertising, with valuable insights from a visionary industry leader.

Whether you’re a marketing enthusiast, aspiring advertiser, or simply curious about the creative process, this episode is a must-listen to.

Don’t miss out on this exclusive conversation with Andrew Killey, an advertising guru who has shaped the industry and continues to inspire with his innovative thinking.

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