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The Court of Public Opinion
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Jeremy Standing in this garage in front of some of his classic cars

Celebrating 40 Years of All-British Day: Jamie Sanford-Morgan’s Passionate Drive

🚗 Gear up for a nostalgic ride on “The Court of Public Opinion” with Jamie Sanford-Morgan, President of the Rover Car Club of SA and a key figure on the organising committee of the All-British Day. This Friday, Feb 2nd, 2024, Jamie shares the excitement surrounding the 40th anniversary of this iconic event, showcasing a static display of British motor vehicles. Discover the charm of classic cars, from Morris Minors to Rolls-Royces, and the craftsmanship that keeps these historic beauties on the road. Jamie’s dedication to preserving automotive history and fostering intergenerational appreciation for British engineering shines through in this engaging chat with Jeremy Cordeaux.

🇬🇧 Join us in celebrating the legacy of the All-British Day, its impact on car enthusiasts, and the community it brings together. Whether you’re a vintage car aficionado or just love a good story of passion and dedication, this episode is a must-watch.

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