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The Court of Public Opinion
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Jeremy in the Garage

Avian Flu in Antartica, Gender Pay Gap, Swedens NATO Membership + more

Jeremy Cordeaux navigates through a wide range of topics with his signature blend of curiosity and insight. He discusses the unexpected spread of avian flu to Antarctica, critiques the designation of Manly Beach as the world’s best beach, and delves into the staggering valuation of a tech giant. Jeremy also addresses persistent issues of gender pay inequality, reflects on Sweden‘s shift from neutrality to NATO membership, and shares intriguing historical facts and personal anecdotes. This episode is a mosaic of commentary on global events, societal issues, and lighter, engaging stories.

Topics Covered:

  • Avian flu’s spread to Antarctica
  • Manly Beach and beach rankings
  • Tech company valuations
  • Gender pay gap and workplace equality
  • Sweden’s NATO membership
  • Historical anecdotes and personal stories

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