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The Cordeaux Social Club in Brisbane front door

The Story Behind Brisbane’s Cordeaux Social Club

In a delightful episode of “The Court of Public Opinion,Jeremy Cordeaux sits down with Michael Jockovic, the mastermind behind Brisbane‘s beloved Cordeaux Social Club. This charming cafe and bistro, nestled on the picturesque Courthouse Street, has quickly become a local favorite since its inception in 2022.

A Name with History

The conversation kicks off with the intriguing story behind the name “Cordeaux Social Club.” Located on Courthouse Street, the name is a nod to the vibrant history and the community-centric vision of this quaint eatery. Michael shares how the name and location were a perfect match, sparking curiosity and a sense of belonging among patrons.

Culinary Delights with a European Twist

Jeremy and Michael dive into the delectable menu, highlighting the popular Continental Plate. Inspired by European culinary traditions, this dish features a delightful mix of Coppa Carlo, seasonal pickles, soft-boiled egg, cheese, and baguette. It’s a testament to the rich cultural heritage that influences the offerings.

Navigating the Hospitality Maze

Running a successful cafe isn’t without its challenges. Michael opens up about the hurdles small business owners face, from taxing regulations to managing customer expectations. The conversation provides a candid look at the complexities of maintaining a high-quality, welcoming establishment in today’s competitive market.

The Heart of Hospitality

One of the standout moments is the discussion on staffing and customer service. Michael emphasizes the importance of finding and retaining good staff, sharing anecdotes about the elusive “waiter’s eye” and the essential qualities of attentive service. It’s clear that the success of the Cordeaux Social Club is built on a foundation of dedicated and passionate team members.

A Community Hub

Beyond the food and service, the Social Club all about community. Michael and Jeremy reflect on the importance of creating a social space where people can come together, whether for a coffee, a meal, or a casual drink. It’s this community spirit that makes the Cordeaux Social Club a cherished part of Brisbane’s West End.

Don’t miss this episode filled with fascinating stories, delicious food insights, and the heartwarming journey of building a community hub. Tune in now and discover why the Cordeaux Social Club is more than just a cafe—it’s a place where history, culture, and community converge.

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