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Professor Ian Plimer sitting at the dining room table talking about nuclear energy

Truths About Electric Cars and Nuclear Energy Revealed by Professor Ian Plimer

In the latest episode of “The Court of Public Opinion,” Jeremy Cordeaux sits down with the always candid Professor Ian Plimer for a no-holds-barred discussion on everything from classic cars to the controversial world of nuclear energy.

Driving Down Memory Lane

Professor Plimer regales us with tales of driving his vintage Volvo, teaching his grandson the lost art of double clutching, and the thrill of navigating unsealed roads without modern conveniences like power steering or brakes. It’s a nostalgic journey that highlights a generation’s enduring love for the mechanical beauty of older cars.

Electric Cars: A Failed Promise?

The conversation takes a sharp turn as Plimer criticizes the practicality of electric cars, especially for those living outside urban centers. With staggering costs, poor resale value, and limited utility, he argues that these vehicles are far from the eco-friendly solution they are touted to be.

Censorship in the Media

In a startling revelation, Plimer discusses how Dr. Eddie Patterson, a former CEO of a nuclear power facility, was censored by the ABC. This leads to a broader critique of the media’s reluctance to entertain diverse viewpoints, especially when they don’t align with popular narratives.

Nuclear Energy: Australia’s Future?

The episode crescendos with a deep dive into Peter Dutton’s ambitious plan to build nuclear power sites across Australia. With insights from Dr. Patterson, Plimer explores the potential benefits and challenges of nuclear energy, making a compelling case for why Australia should reconsider its stance on this low-carbon power source.

Don’t miss this episode filled with engaging anecdotes, sharp critiques, and thought-provoking discussions. Tune in now and join the conversation on the future of energy and media in Australia!

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