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The Court of Public Opinion
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Jeremy sitting across the dining room table with Sue with microphones

Navigating Change and Tradition: Sue Redman’s Insightful Reflections

🍷 Join us for a special episode of “The Court of Public Opinion” with Sue Redman, as we delve into a rich discussion on the evolution of social norms, dating practices, and the wine industry. Recorded on Friday, Feb 2nd, 2024, Sue shares her unique perspectives on the balance between embracing modernity and preserving tradition, reflecting on her experiences and observations from years spent in the heart of Australia’s cultural and entrepreneurial landscapes.

🔔 From speed dating to the timeless appeal of traditional wines, Sue’s conversation with Jeremy Cordeaux is a fascinating journey through the changes shaping our society and the constants that keep us grounded. Whether you’re a fan of fine wine, curious about the dynamics of modern dating, or interested in how we can navigate the future while honoring our past, this episode offers thoughtful insights and engaging stories.

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💬 We’d love to hear your thoughts! Comment below on how you perceive the balance between change and tradition in your own life.

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