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The Court of Public Opinion
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Jeremy with a picture of JP Drake

Standing Firm on Australia Day: JP Drake’s Bold Move

🇦🇺 In an enlightening Australia Day special of “The Court of Public Opinion,” Jeremy Cordeaux sits down with JP Drake of Drakes Supermarkets to discuss the bold stance his company took amidst the Australia Day merchandise debate. Celebrate the spirit of Australia Day as JP Drake shares insights on consumer choice, patriotism, and the importance of supporting local amidst global challenges. Dive into a conversation that spans from the significance of Australia Day to the broader implications of retail decisions on national identity and consumer power.

🎉 Join us for a thought-provoking session that not only celebrates Australia Day but also delves into the values that shape our society. Whether you’re passionate about local business, national identity, or just looking for a fresh perspective on Australia Day celebrations, this episode offers something for everyone.

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