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The Court of Public Opinion
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9am-Midday (ACST)
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The HIDDEN TRUTH About Australia’s Energy Crisis: A Farmer’s Perspective

Join Peter Manuel, a cattle farmer from Strathalbyn, Australia and representative of Flag Australia as he sheds light on the hidden truth about Australia’s energy crisis. In this eye-opening video, Peter discusses the abundant coal, cheap energy, and uranium resources in Australia, yet questions why the country is exporting these resources instead of benefiting from them.

With a perspective rooted in his experience as a farmer, Peter delves into the role of communism, the influence of international organizations like the United Nations and the World Economic Forum, and the lack of focus on the Australian people. He also highlights the divide created by politicians and the mainstream media, who seem to prioritize other issues over the energy crisis.

Peter raises concerns about the impact of wind turbines and solar panels on energy costs and the country’s future. He discusses the Western Australia Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Act, its impact on farmers, and the suspicion of communism creeping into the legislation. Throughout the video, Peter emphasizes the need for Australians to wake up, join the dots, and take action to protect their country from radical ideologies.

Don’t miss this thought-provoking discussion that challenges the mainstream narrative and encourages critical thinking.

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00:00 – Introduction and discussion of energy sources
00:24 – The influence of communism and global organizations
00:45 – Lack of awareness and political manipulation
01:22 – The media’s role in shaping public opinion
02:32 – Criticism of politicians and government actions
04:41 – Impact of legislation on farmers and landowners
06:01 – Concerns about the division in society
08:22 – Sam Newman’s comments on First Nations people
10:16 – The importance of free speech and expressing opinions
12:50 – The need for unity and one national identity
14:40 – The potential dangers of communism and radical ideologies
17:20 – The need for awareness and spreading the truth
19:19 – Climate change and the manipulation of facts
21:18 – The importance of preserving and managing the environment
22:43 – Discussion on the population growth of First Nations people
23:54 – Issues with the “Closing the Gap” initiative
25:45 – Historical incidents and the need for reconciliation
27:41 – Criticism of government spending and lack of accountability
28:29 – Support for Sam Newman’s comments and freedom of speech
30:00 – The importance of listening to different perspectives
31:46 – The need for honesty and consistency in politics
32:10 – Butcher trade and customer satisfaction
32:25 – Frustration with biased opinions in the media
32:55 – Appreciation for Jeremy and the conversation
33:22 – Thanking Jeremy for coming
33:28 – Peter’s unique radio setup
33:46 – Looking for job opportunities
34:14 – The importance of free speech and open-mindedness
34:58 – Wrapping up the conversation

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