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Jeremy with a picture of Amanda Blair next to him

Amanda Blair’s Comeback: Columns, Family, and Humor

📰👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 On this special episode of “The Court of Public Opinion,” airing Friday, Feb 2nd, 2024, Jeremy Cordeaux welcomes Amanda Blair to discuss her exciting return to column writing after a hiatus. Amanda shares the joy and challenges of balancing her renewed passion for writing with managing a bustling household of seven, including her own children and foster kids. She gives us a peek into her columns’ themes, aiming to blend family-based stories with humour, steering clear of the hard news to bring smiles and light-heartedness to her readers.

✒️ Whether you’re a fan of Amanda’s witty writing or looking for inspiration on managing work-life balance, this conversation is filled with relatable anecdotes, laughter, and insights. Join us as Amanda Blair opens up about finding her voice again, the delights of knitting over writing, and how she plans to enchant her audience with homespun tales and humorous reflections on family life.

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