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The Court of Public Opinion
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Jeremy with Dr John Bruni smiling in studio

Navigating the Tangled Web of Middle Eastern Politics with Dr John Bruni

Jeremy Cordeaux featured Dr John Bruni of SAGE International, during the LIVE stream of ‘The Court of Public Opinion,’ where he offered a masterclass in understanding the nuanced and often volatile geopolitics of the Middle East. You’ll hear the chat flows from one complex topic to another, providing you with a rare glimpse into the minds of two seasoned observers of international affairs.

Jeremy Cordeaux with Dr John Bruni in the dining room

Dissect the Israel-Palestine Conflict

Dr Bruni, with his extensive background in global security, dissects the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict. Shedding light on the historical and contemporary factors that continue to fuel tensions. The discussion also ventures into the broader Middle Eastern landscape, where the intricate mosaic of cultural, religious, and political divides presents unique challenges to peace and stability.

International Key Players

A significant portion of the chat is dedicated to analysing the roles of key international players, notably the United States and Iran, in influencing the region’s dynamics. Dr Bruni eloquently navigates through the complexities of foreign intervention, proxy warfare, and the delicate balance of power that defines the Middle Eastern geopolitical chessboard.

You’ll be educated in strategic motivations behind Israel’s military actions to the profound divisions within the Arab world. The guys also touch on the critical issue of refugee crises and the humanitarian implications of ongoing conflicts.

This chat stands as a testament to Jeremy Cordeaux’s commitment to bringing informed, thought-provoking discussions to the public. With Dr Bruni’s expert analysis, you’re invited to look beyond the headlines, understanding the deep-rooted issues and the potential pathways to peace in one of the world’s most complex regions.

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Listen to Dr John Bruni’s Show ‘The Focus’

Simply click the image to listen to ‘The Focus’ with Dr John Bruni.

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The Focus is the current affairs podcast of SAGE International (SAGE), an Adelaide-based private, not-for-profit think-tank.

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